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5 Reasons to celebrate New Year in Armenia

5 Reasons to celebrate New Year in Armenia
Christmas and New Year holidays are approaching! If you're wondering where to spend them, we will try to convince you that Armenia is one of the best options. Here are the reasons:

1. New Year's table has never been so healthy and unhealthy at the same time!
Armenian cuisine is always very natural, all the dishes taste just fantastic with its ingredients, there is always a lot of food in the Armenian feast and very easy to overeat here - although the path to this fullness of extremely delicious.
2. Nowhere else you will hear such beautiful and original toasts and wishes as in Armenia.
People say that all the sincere wishes come true, if you wish them on Christmas or New Year. 
Imagine how much goodness you will get here from Universe, in this blessed land, with so many wishes from the locals, who are famous for their kindness and hospitality! Finally, Armenians celebrate the New Year two times - on December 31 and New Old New Year on January 13, so if you didn’t manage on the 31th, you can catch the second celebration.
3. You will find the perfect combination of sun, winter magic glitter and sincere love in your holiday table, which is not complete without the famous Armenian cognac. Armenian brandy is one of the most important symbols for Armenians, they put on the true love and effort that he has turned out unique. You will be surprised contrast snow and sun in Armenia, which gives a warm and happy mood.
4. It's time to get acquainted with a variety of New Year and Christmas traditions. In the the New Year evening  the whole family gather around the festive table celebrating this magical celebration till the morning enjoying a variety of traditional sweets. On Christmas day on January 5, all Armenians go to church and participate in the liturgy and then celebrate Christmas at a table of friends and relatives among whom can be also you, as Armenian are glad to meet new friends.
5. During the day, you can visit several sights of Armenia as our country is compact, which allowing to spend every New Year's day in different locations. Historical and modern colorful restaurants, medieval monasteries and breathtaking scenery, traditional music, the festive mood, good people, all that is needed for this celebration.  There is no doubt, it is worth trying Armenian traditional cuisine - Khash, Dolma, Armenian barbecue, Harisa, Pasuts Dolma and other traditional dishes. Armenia is always happy to surprise and please its guests!

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