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Тour to Tatev

Tour to Tatev monastery - "Wings of Tatev" - Karahunj

Trip to Tatev - armenian monastery complex of IX-XIII centuries in Syunik region in Armenia. It is part of a large tourist complex which also includes ropeway "Wings of Tatev", Natural Bridge, Cave and many other sightseeings. Visit to Tatev Monastery. Tatev monastery was founded in the IX century (895-906 years). 
Tatev ropeway - the world's longest passenger ropeway with double reverse action known as "Wings of Tatev". The engineering construction "Wings of Tatev" extends over 5.7 km above the deep and picturesque gorge of the river Vorotan, connecting two villages: Halidzor (near Yerevan route) and Tatev, located at the monastery. Maximum height above the canyon is 320 meters. 
A visit to the mystical place called ZORATS KARER (arm. Stones soldiers, stone army) or Karahunj (Arm. - Singing Stones) - the ancient megalithic complex, situated on a mountain plateau at an altitude of 1770 meters above sea level. About the age of structures there is no consensus. Some estimates say that the complex was built no later than the III-rd millennium BC, while others appreciate the complex from 5.7 thousand. Up to 2 thousand BC. The complex is located on the field, strewn with stones, which served as a building material for it. The structure itself is made up of 223 (only numbered) basalt (andesite) stones of 1.5-2.8 m high and weight up to 8.5 tons.
Tour to Tatev plunges into the depths of the centuries-old Armenian history and unique architecture.

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