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Tour to Sevan - Sevanavank - Noratus - Tsakhadzor - Kecharis - ropeway

Tour to Sevan - Sevanavank - Noratus - Tsakhadzor - Kecharis - Tsakhadzor ropeway

Departure from Yerevan to the Lake Sevan, the largest in the Caucasus and the highest freshwater lake in the world. 
Visit to Sevanavank - a monastery in the north-western shore of Lake Sevan. The monastery was founded in 874 by Princess Mariam - the daughter of Ashot I Bagratuni. Visit to Noratus . Noratus cemetery, also spelled Noraduz, is a medieval cemetery with a large number of early khachkars located in the village of Noratus. The cemetery has the largest cluster of khachkars in the Republic of Armenia. It is currently the largest surviving cemetery with khachkars in Armenia and in the world. The oldest khachkars in the cemetery date back to the late 10th century. A characteristic feature of the majority of khachkars is a cross with the sun disc below it. Then we head to the resort town of Tsaghkadzor. Visit to the resort town - Tsaghkadzor. "Valley of flowers"; - Town in Kotayk region of Armenia, a popular ski and health resort; Located 50 km north-east of Yerevan, a picturesque valley in the south-eastern part of Tsahkuniyskih mountains at height of about 1800 meters above sea level. The main attraction of the town is the ancient monastery Kecharis built in XI century and the ropeway.

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