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Tour to Lastiver - cave - waterfall

Hiking to Lastiver - Anapat cave - Waterfall
Hiking to Lastiver. This tour program is made for nature lovers and hiking. The road is very interesting and incredibly beautiful, especially attracts extreme tourists. During the tour we will see the cave, desert, beautiful fleeting river, small and large waterfalls, forests and beautiful nature, most of the tourists both from abroad and local, choose a tour to Lastiver to see the beautiful and unique places of Armenian nature, cave-desert. Lastiver is located in Tavush region. Half of the territory is covered by forests and green areas. Half of the territory is covered by forests and green areas. The region is rich in rivers and the largest of them is Aghstev; one of its significant inflows – Khachakhpyur which leads to the beautiful places of Ijevan - Lastiver. 
Our first stop is at the (you can order a horseback riding in advance). The tour begins with this place. During the Mongol invasions of XIII-XIV centuries, tourist base Apaga Resort, where there is a great stable - a 40 horses, specially selected and trained for horse riding and hiking, perfectly adapted to life in the mountains, are not afraid of slopes and heighthe local population has found its shelter in this cave, it is almost on the flat slope of the canyon. To get to the cave, people had to build a long stairway made of logs, superimposed on each other. The building was like a dam, That's why people started calling the area "Lastiver", which means "up the raft". We will see an interesting bas-relief on the wall of the cave, which represents a wedding. This relief has been created by the author during his seclusion in a cave, that's why, the cave is also mentioned under the name "Anapat", which means "desert". Descent to the canyon. At the bottom of the canyon - wonderful waterfall, which is an inseparable part of the local nature.

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