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Sevanavank - Dilijan - Haghartsin - Goshavank

Tour to Sevanavank – Lake Sevan - Dilijan – Haghartsin - Goshavank

Tour to Sevanavank - a monastic complex located on a peninsula at the northwestern shore of Lake Sevan. According to an inscription in one of the churches, the monastery of Sevanavank was founded in 874 by Princess Mariam, the daughter of Ashot I. 
Tour to Dilijan - a spa town in the Tavush Province of Armenia. Usually called Armenian Switzerland or Little Switzerland by the locals, it is one of the most important resorts of Armenia. Visiting the Monastery of Haghartsin (X-XIII cc.) Ancient buildings of the monastery complex consists of the Church of St. Gregory (end of X c.), The Church of St. Astvatsatsin (XI c.) аnd the refectory. Near the refectory preserved the remains of the kitchen, near the Astvatsatsin Cathedral - the remains of the porch. Within the complex there are several cross-stones. 
A trip to the monastery of Goshavank (XII - XIV centuries.). The monastery ensemble includes the Church of St.. Astvatsatsin (1196), Church of Sts. Gregory (1231), the porch (1203), the book depository with a bell tower (1291), a school building with a chapel and the gallery (XIII century.) . The monastery is the largest educational, spiritual and craft centers of medieval Armenia.

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