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Tour to Oshakan - Karmravor - Hovhannavank - Saghmosavank

Oshakan - Karmravor - Hovanavank – Saghmosavank

Tour to Oshakan - the ancient sacred place in Armenia. Visit to the Monastery Mughni, founded in the XIII century on the relics of St. George, is one of the best creations of Armenian architecture of the late Middle Ages. 
Visit to Karmravor: Karmravor Church or the Church of the Holy Mother of God (7th century). 
Visit to the monastery complexes Hovanavank  and Saghmosavank - an ancient Armenian monasteries. The oldest construction of Hovanavank - five-naval basilica of St. Gregory (V century) erected by Gregory the Illuminator. The oldest part of the monastery is the single nave basilica of St. Karapet (i.e. Holy Forerunner, John the Baptist) that was founded at the beginning of the fourth century by St. Gregory the Enlightener, who baptized Armenia into the world’s first Christian nation. The wooden roof of the early church was replaced in 554 AD with a thatch cover, and the basilica itself underwent profound renovation between 1652 and 1734. In the central part of the monastery is the Cathedral, built by Prince Vache Vachutyan (1216 - 1221). Тhe monastery complexes Hovanavank and Saghmosavank are 5 km from each other, located in the eponymous village of Ashtarak region. Both monuments are located on the edge of a rocky cliff of picturesque gorge of the river Kasakh. The main church of the monastery Saghmosavank, erected by Prince Vache Vachutyan – St. Sion church (1215). The book depository of Saghmosavank, erected in 1255 by Prince Kurd Vachutyan, it is one of the rare original composition of Armenian structures. 

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